Crypto Hide Coin

The third generation cryptocurrency


The Exchange System for a guarantee of absolute Privacy

Il progetto in breve

Crypto Hide Coin is an experimental project designed to improve and perfect the blockchain technology of new generation cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Hide Coin introduces a more efficient, secure and transparent ICO model aimed at increasing the sustainability of new projects proposed on the network.

This Token Utility offers an innovative, scalable and more articulated approach to the efficiency of electronic exchanges.

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Roadmap 2019

Here are the most important events already scheduled in the short term.
  1. March

    Base related projects

    Creation of teams and agreements selecting related projects

  2. May

    Linked community communities

    Creating teams and support agreements for connected communities

  3. July

    Client Wallet Open Source

    Presentation and sharing of open source wallet clients

  4. September

    Third party authorization

    Protocol extension for third-party authorization support

  5. Novembre

    Contributions and Donations

    Thanksgiving system for users who made a contribution / donation

  6. End 2019

    Wallet WEB

    Wallet WEB creation and management function

Project statistical data

distribution / use
Period from 10/10/2011 to 12/31/2018


Total contributions collected: 4.023,50 €

Developers: € 3.118,91

European team: € 201,07

Promotion: € 201,07

Expansion: € 201,07

Supporters: € 34.124,42

Number of existing wallet1.725

Average number of daily transactions9.07

Average daily number of accesses to the system60

Number of coins available217.000.000

Number of reported bugs3

Node Mode3

Average balance per wallet§ 124.263/ Wallet

Average amount§ 30.887 / per transaction

Number of nodes2

Currency symbolCHCS (§)

Number of bugs resolved1

Private Block Size116 Kb

Dissemination in the following states

Vietnam, China, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, Italy, Holland, Malta

Team Board

Complete historical team list
Asian and European
OCS H. Wayniss

OCS H. Wayniss

Asiatic Team
Founder Technology Project
AnnLee J. Breed

AnnLee J. Breed

Asiatic Team
Platform Builder
Xuan Nhung Tieu

Xuan Nhung Tieu

Asiatic Team
Older Trustchain Engeneering
Quan Nguyễn

Quan Nguyễn

Asiatic Team
Older Layer Architech
Lao Zhang

Lao Zhang

Trait d'union
Business Western Interpreter
Almar Bakker

Almar Bakker

European Team
First Investor
Davide Maria Romeo

Davide Maria Romeo

European Team
Full Stack Developer
Dottor. Falken

Dottor. Falken

European Team
Project Analist
  • Last update 10/15/2019 15:47
  • EUR € 0.00047790
  • USD $ 0.00052717
  • GBP £ 0.00042047
  • JPY Y 0.05706126
  • BTC B 0.00000006
  • ETH E 0.00000285
  • XRP X 0.00179369